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Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj visited Baghdad in 1511AD. Members of my family along with Maskeen Sahib visited Baghdad in the late 1960's. We have photos of this visit. It appears at the time there is only a plaque in a section of Pir Bahlol's Asthaan devoted to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. "Rabul Majeed Hazrat Baba Nanak" My Grandfather S. Gurmukh Singh Sethi also visited in the 1968 with my Grandmother. One photo is of them near this ancient plaque. The plaque was discovered in 1931. It is in ancient arabic and is cut into the stone. It reads:

Behold! How a wish has been fulfilled by Holy and High Providence. That the building of Baba Nanak has been newly built with the help of seven caliph's.That The Blessed Messenger of God, Hazarat Baba Nanak, has started a fountain of grace issuing new water in this barren Arab land.

The last photo above is considered to be the first painting made of Guru Nanak Dev Ji by a Muslim artist upon his visit to Baghdad. It is considered by some to be the only authentic rendering of Satgur by a contemporary artist.

Click here to download the recording of Maskeen Sahib's Katha on Guru Sahib's visit to Baghdad.

Bhai Gurdas Ji's Vaar
Baba gia baghadh noo(n) baahar jae keea asathanaa
From Mecca Baba went to Baghdad and stayed outside the city.
Ik baba akal roop dhooja rababee maradana
Firstly, Baba himself was in the form of Timeless and secondly, he had his companion Mardana, the rebeck player.
Ditee ba(n)g nimaz kar sun samaan hoa jehana
For namaz (in his own style), Baba gave call, listening to which the whole world went into absolute silence.
Sun mun nagari bhee dekh peer bheya hairana
The whole city became quiet and lo! to behold it, the pir (of the town) also got wonderstruck.
Bhai Gurdas Ji's Vaar of Baba in Baghdad I
Bhai Gurdas Ji's Vaar of Baba in Baghdad II

Guru Nanak in Baghdad

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